Ian Mitchell King

is a business consultant and non-practicing lawyer who lives in Studio City, California. He is also a military Veteran. He grew up in Encino, California.

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Ian Mitchell King, a non-practicing lawyer and business consultant at Kings Consulting LLC, is based in Studio City, California. In addition, he served in the armed forces. He grew up in the Californian city of Encino.

King is currently a Senior Advisor for a company that manages a portfolio of commercial properties, including eateries, convenience stores, and accountancy companies. Separately, he runs Kings Consultants LLC as its Managing Partner and Owner. In this capacity, he has guided and supported many businesses and individuals through difficult times to tremendous success and wealth.

Although King has a long history of helping many groups and giving back, problem-solving and crisis-management talents are uncommon and are among his areas of competence. His background in business and law is extensive in terms of job experience and education. The many years he spent serving his country in the military and the communities he has helped demonstrate his dedication to giving back.

In Political Science, Mitchell earned his Bachelor's degree. This degree was obtained during his undergraduate studies at the University of Southern California (USC). He also earned an MBA with a strong GPA. He completed his legal studies at the University of San Diego, where he was recognized as a Merit Scholar. The scholarship he received covered 75% of his school expenses.

Ian King, a Los Angeles resident, counts his service in the armed forces among his many accomplishments and sources of personal pride. Before becoming a lieutenant, Ian Mitchell King served as an infantry Marine. Among his numerous military achievements, being named a Marine Corps Company Honor Man is the one he is most pleased with. Another major success was finishing first in his class at the School of Infantry.

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Ian Mitchell King
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